• play audio content from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iTunes on your PC
  • record your Sound-Stream to disk (recording limit of 10 minutes for the free Version)
  • split recorded Streams into Tracks
  • Auto-Tag untagged Tracks with help of Apps like Shazam®
  • convert recorded Tracks to files with .mp3 extension and/or to files with .m4a extension
  • convert recorded Tracks to FLAC files (lossless compression)
  • export recorded Tracks to CD/DVD
  • Air-Play your recorded Tracks (Shairport and compatible receivers)
  • Timeshift – Pause your Live-Stream any time
  • Save/Load your recorded Tracks to Project-Files (for later editing)
  • Online-Update built in
  • works with Windows XP (no Runtime necessary, resource-friendly)
  • Authenticode signed software without annoyance. Includes clean software removal


Shairport4w-Recorder PlugIn tries to label your recorded Tracks by using the embedded AirPlay stream meta information. But some Apps (e.g. YouTube) don’t embed informations. Or the tags may be incorrect or broken. In this case Shairport4w allows you tag your tracks with the help of Shazam®. Let Shazam® recognize your track while you’re recording or playing. Then select “Share via Email” in Shazam® and send the tagging information to Shairport4w. That’s it – no time consuming search for Track-Infos or Album-Art anymore.

Auto-Tagging prerequisites

  1. get yourself a dedicated free Email address account (you may use a mail account you already own, but a dedicated account is recommended)
  2. start Shairport4w and bring up the Settings-Dialog by clicking on “Edit/Settings”
  3. select the Tab “Auto Tagging”
  4. enable the Checkbox
  5. supply the account information of the Email address Shairport4w should apply to. Click on “Test” to check the account information has been entered correctly
  6. click “Ok” to save the Information

Auto-Tagging Step by Step

  1. after you’ve finished the prerequisites, record or play any Track inside the Shairport4w-Recorder PlugIn
  2. start Shazam® App on your iPhone or iPad and let it recognize the Track your’re currently recording or playing
  3. when Shazam® successfully tagged your Track select “Share” in Shazam® App. Then tap on “Email” and type the Email address you applied to Shairport4w (see prerequisites. Preferably the address is stored in your Address Book)
  4. Send the tagging information to Shairport4w by tapping on “Send”
  5. wait a few seconds (up to 60s with the default Settings)
  6. the tagging information should show up in Shairport4w and should be assigned correctly to the Track you tagged with Shazam®
  7. you may repeat this for multiple Tracks in a row (no need to wait for the tag to arrive, by the way)

Tips and Tricks

Barely correct separated Tracks (boundary between 2 Tracks), may easily be corrected by moving the Track begin of the 2nd Track. Right-Click the mouse button on the 2nd Track and select the context menu entry “Move begin of Track…”. The following dialog pops up:

The red line marks the current boundary between two Tracks. Left side of the red line shows a 6 seconds excerpt of the 1. Track and right side of the red line shows a 6 seconds excerpt of the 2. Track. Move the red line by dragging it with your mouse (alternatively you may drag the whole Sound-Stream). Verify the result by “listening” (Play-Symbols next to the red line) and correct again if necessary, until you get the wanted result. Commit the new boundary by clicking the Button “Ok”. Alternatively, you may fast-switch to the next or previous Track-Transition by clicking the arrow Buttons right beside the Oscilloscope view, without the need to re-open the dialog again.

Long gaps between 2 Tracks are visualized by a horizontal line without amplitudes. You may easily cut/delete those gaps by selecting the matching range inside the Oscilloscope view. Press and hold the key “Control (Ctrl)” while the mouse cursor hovers over the red line. Click the left mouse button and drag it to the left or right.

A second red line shows up defining the range. Click on “X” beside the second red line in order to delete the selected range. Double click or right click the second red line if you want to discard the range selection. Commit the modification(s) by clicking the Button “Ok”.

Split-up very long Recordings

If you want to split a long contiguous stream of music into different Tracks, use “Play”, “Pause” and the “Position Slider” located at the bottom of the main dialog in order to achieve a clean cut without much effort. Click “Play” to start listening to a recorded stream – if necessary, you may use the “Position Slider”, located at the top of the App window, to find the approximate end of a Track quickly. Click on “Pause” and then press the “Tab” key until the “Position Slider” gets the keyboard focus (you see a dotted frame around the “Position Slider”). Then press the Right-/Left-Arrow keys to determine the boundary between two Tracks. Each time you press the Right-/Left-Arrow keys you’ll hear a short excerpt sufficient to locate the Track boundary precisely. Click “Split Track” finally, to fixate the cut.